Gambia’s president luring businesses in Dubai

Gambia’s president luring businesses in Dubai

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow is in the United Arab Emirates with the ultimate mission to attract foreign investors to the small West African nation that emerged from dictatorship barely a year ago.

The Gambia has been economically and politically isolated for more than two decades and a key part of Mr. Barrow’s plan is to lure companies to The Gambia with lower corporate tax rates and business-friendly policies.

The new West African leader is taking part in the Global Investment Forum and the 4th Annual CROSAPF Summit. President Barrow will be on a panel of three African Heads of states to discuss Investment Opportunities in Africa.

He would use the opportunity to promote The Gambia and the investment opportunities in the country, especially in energy, oil and gas, tourism and agriculture.

It is the world’s leading platform for Foreign Direct Investment aimed at facilitating strategic networking and promoting investments.

Barrow will hold meetings with international investment community members, policymakers, business leaders, regional and international investors, entrepreneurs, leading academics and experts, who will be there showcasing up-to-date information and strategies on attracting foreign investors.

In today’s fast-moving and turbulent world, with its backdrop of macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty, the investment climate has become increasingly challenging for all stakeholders but Mr. Barrow is assuring investors that the Gambia’s new found democracy ensures an enabling environment for them to thrive.

In the coming days, Barrow will explore how the world is changing around us, how innovation continues to improve or disrupt the investment picture, how companies and regions are developing, how value can be added at all levels to ensure sustainable growth.

The Gambia is a nation of fewer than two million people. Barrow will join three other African leaders to unlock opportunities and drive private investments over the coming years in their respective nations.

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