Mai Fatty: I have not broken my oath of office

Mai Fatty: I have not broken my oath of office

Former Minister of Interior Mai Ahmad Fatty said Tuesday that he has not broken his oath office as the erstwhile strongman battles to get rumors of corruption off his back.

Fatty was ejected from Barrow’s cabinet on Friday and the State House has declined to disclose the reasons for his unexpected ouster from the unity government.

“I will remain loyal to The Gambia with pride, confident in the knowledge that I did nothing to betray my Oath of Office such as personal involvement in corruption, or bribery,” said Fatty.

The former minister, who was the first to alert the world on the stealing of at least $12 million by ex-President Yahya Jammeh during the country’s political impasse now finds himself on the same side of the aisle as Jammeh.

But Fatty, who is sure of his innocence urged Gambian authorities to launch an extensive and independent probe if there is any evidence of corruption or abuse of office during his time as the country’s law enforcement chief.

Gambia’s Justice Department on Tuesday denied opening a probe into Fatty’s conduct while in office after news made rounds that the Attorney General launched a criminal investigation.

Fatty accused political rivals of a smear campaign to tarnish his image. The politician and leader of the GMC party have been trying to make a name for himself to become a key political stakeholder in future elections.

“It is an orchestrated smear campaign of calumny designed to ruin my reputation. I am ready and willing to subject myself to the most expansive, thorough, independent investigation ever in the history of the Gambia on this matter,” he said.

He was President Adama Barrow’s trusted advisor during the political logjam and stayed with the president in Senegal, at a time that Mr. Barrow was facing serious threats to his life.

Being a righthand man of the president, Mr. Barrow appointed Fatty the Minister of Interior, giving him powers to take charge of internal security and sitting in the National Security Council.

Barrow has now offered Fatty an ambassadorial post in his government. It remains a guess where Fatty will be posted to. He has urged people to continue supporting Mr. Barrow’s regime and to accept in good faith his dismissal from the cabinet, just 10 months into holding the office.

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