Students in Brikamaba take lessons in deplorable classrooms

Students in Brikamaba take lessons in deplorable classrooms

A school in Central Gambia, where students are taking lessons in roofless and hazardous classrooms is in need of urgent assistance to meet safety standards.

In Brikamaba, elementary school students sit in classrooms with half of the roof blown off and visible cracks in the walls that show that classrooms could even collapse.

“We everything here in this school. Tables, chairs and even stationaries. We do not even have enough chalks. If you look at this class, we have 45 students here but only five tables,” said Headmaster Pa Mendy.

Students were seen sitting in the few available chairs and some seat in front them on the tables. Others sit on the floor struggling to write their notes and do their school work.

The staff room just like the classes have no windows and roof. It has only two plastic chairs and no tables for the teachers. The roof is spoiled and partly thatched.

Some students are taking their lessons outside in extreme heat conditions that could have adverse health effects on the children, who also trek miles to school facing difficult circumstances.

Deteriorating conditions in schools in provincial Gambia negatively impacts the performance of the students in rural communities compared to those in the Kombo and Greater Banjul Area.

The school is asking for assistance to help meet urgent needs. A GoFundMe has been opened to raise at least a thousand dollars. Gambia’s government have been asked to look into the matter and provide urgent relief.

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