Will Lamin Gano fulfill his promise?

Will Lamin Gano fulfill his promise?

Lamin Gano, a former military aide to ex-President Yahya Jammeh pledged to serve voluntarily in the army if President Adama Barrow fires Mai Ahmad Fatty.

While Gano’s promise is not the reason for Barrow’s sacking of Mai Fatty, he now has a commitment to keep. Gano will have to officially approach the Gambia Armed Forces for voluntary service.

Gano is accused Fatty of abuse of power for denying to approve a license for him to operate a private security firm – Frontline Security. Fatty had approved several other licenses since assuming office in February.

President Adama Barrow fired Mai Ahmad Fatty for unspecified reasons and Gano doubled down on his rhetorics urging Mr. Barrow to fire all politicians in his cabinet or risk having a failed administration.

But it is unlikely that Gano, who was close to former President Jammeh and known supporter of the opposition GDC party will be accepted into the military.

Gambian authorities are purging Jammeh’s loyalists out of the army amid allegations of mutiny against more than two dozen soldiers, who have been arrested and detained since July.

Gano has undergone international military college and combat training and served in peacekeeping tours for the United Nations. He returned to The Gambia from Canada following Jammeh’s election defeat.

Gano has extensive military experience having served more than 20 years in the army, including the elite presidential guard and earning the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, just two ranks shy of becoming a General.


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