Does Alhagie Kurang think he is above the law?

Does Alhagie Kurang think he is above the law?

Alhagie Kurang is the secretary to the commission that is probing former President Yahya Jammeh. This is the commission that is choking former and current government officials for not being in compliance with regulations.

One would believe that Mr. Kurang will have respect for compliance, especially with the current position he holds but he instead chooses to rebel against a lawful order from the national accreditation agency.

The NAQAA ordered Kurang’s Jollof Tutors and five other colleges closed. Kurang refused to respect the order and challenged authorities to have him arrested.

Just days after the NAQAA closure of Jollof Tutors, Mr. Kurang went on to recruit students and continues to conduct classes. The accreditation agency said Jollof Tutors failed to meet quality standards and therefore operating illegally.

“My class today,” he said. “….Even if you send me to Mile 2, my first priority will be to open an ACCA [(Association Chartered Certified Accountants] tutorial program in Mile 2 without your accreditation,” Kurang said while posting a picture of him giving lectures.

He has not been arrested while continuing to violate the orders of the authorities. The rule of law must apply to anyone. Kurang is not above the law.

Although Kurang accused the agency of bureaucratic dictatorship and forcing institutions to harmonize their syllabus, he should seek redress in the courts before jumping to protesting and breaking the law.

The other schools that have faced the same shutdown alongside Jollof Tutors have entered talks with the NAQAA to have their accreditation reinstated.

It is ironical that Kurang is a part of a commission scolding people for not following regulations while he is out of compliance and being an outlaw for not respecting a lawful order.

No one sitting in the Commission of Inquiry is above the law and it is important that anyone that sits in that commission does not act in a matter that questions the integrity of the commission.

Alhagie Kurang should, therefore, cease lectures, enter into talks with the NAQAA like others or seek redress in the courts before proceeding to protest in a manner that could amount to a criminal trial.

Jollof Tutors is taking tuition from students and giving classes while it does not have accreditation. It is unlawful and a disservice to the students who are paying their monies for a certificate that will not be recognized.

Just a reminder that these institutions [including Jollof Tutors] are not quality assured by the NAQAA and are deemed to be operating illegally and have therefore been issued with closure orders.

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