The conduct of Jammeh’s accomplices unacceptable

The conduct of Jammeh’s accomplices unacceptable

As the Janneh Commission continues its sitting, Gambians are compelled to painstakingly watch and listen to testimonies of former and current public officials that reveal an awful pattern of fraudulent intent, the web of deception, gross disregard for the oath of office and shameful self-exoneration.

Consistent with my past arguments, former President Jammeh was only able to design, implement and sustain such grand style public fund squandering scheme because he had a strong support system from and among our top officials whose legendary display of subservience is stunningly surprising.

The oath of office that mandated these civil servants to execute public responsibilities without fear or favor took a shocking back seat as they became uncontrollably intoxicated with their proximity to executive power and would do everything under the sun to keep that privilege.

We have seen and heard about the length some would travel to bring others down just to have the ears of the dictator.

Contrary to what Dr. Njogu Bah posited at the Commission, he and his fellows were neither working under any unbearable working condition nor were they trying to influence decisions in the interest of The Gambian people.

Instead, they wholeheartedly offered counsel, guidance, protection, knowledge and encouragement that served as a lifeline for the worst economic and financial racketeering scheme in our country’s history since independence.

These disgraced officials were not working for the system; they were the system. Resignation was never something that crossed their minds because they believed in what they were doing which was to support, motivate, facilitate, expand and sustain daylight robbery of our national coffers.

As if their villainous treachery on our financial system was not enough, some of them continue to exude an aura of arrogance, defiance and remorseless in posture, tone and general comportment while appearing before the Commission.

These conducts are not only contemptuous but face insulting to ordinary Gambians whose entitlements were feloniously pilfered in a brazen scam coordinated and directed by the State House and therefore totally unacceptable.

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