Did Amie Bensouda prepare documents for Jammeh?

Did Amie Bensouda prepare documents for Jammeh?

The principal counsel for the commission that is probing former President Yahya Jammeh’s financial activities has been implicated in preparing a legal document for the ex-leader.

Mary Samba, the lawyer for businessman Amadou Samba said Amie Bensouda had prepared the documents that were used in the buying of the Kairaba Beach Hotel, challenging Bensouda to excuse herself from the Commission.

“We are informing you that we have the evidence to produce before this Commission that she [Amie Bensouda] was part and parcel of the transaction of Kairaba Hotel,” Mary said.

“I thought I should bring to the attention of this Commission issues that have been brought before it to sensationalize it and not actually help the Commission,” Mary said.

The five-star hotel was sold to MA Kharafi but Gambian authorities are now saying that the sales process did not follow regulations.

Bensouda said this: I am not saying I have not prepared documents. I might have but one thing is clear I have never acted for ex-President Jammeh.

Amadou Samba, a close associate of Mr. Jammeh denied taking part in the sale of the hotel. The Business Manager of MA Kharafi, Boto Sonko and a former senior official, Lang Conteh insisted Mr. Samba was acted on behalf of the ousted ruler.

Bensouda has also been named as a Counsel for the Social Security Administration in an earlier sitting and is said to be the Counsel to a municipality, where Jammeh wrongfully took money from.

Former President Jammeh is accused of sidelining procurement regulations and putting his own price tags on sales of companies and issuing of contracts to his business associates.

Jammeh, 52, has been granted asylum in Equatorial Guinea, where he has turned to farming as his new occupation. His assets have been seized after authorities accused him of theft and abuse of office.

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