Amie Bensouda fights Mary Samba’s claims

Amie Bensouda fights Mary Samba’s claims

Amie Bensouda is fighting her way out of fresh allegations that seek to entangle her in former President Yahya Jammeh illicit business dealings.

Bensouda has urged the Commission probing Jammeh not to accept the allegations by Mary Samba, the attorney for Jammeh’s business associate, Amadou Samba.

Mary informed the Janneh Commission that their Lead Counsel Bensouda sensationalizing evidence against Mr. Sallah and attempted to provide evidence implicating Bensouda in the selling of the Kairaba Hotel.

“The counsel advising the Commission [Bensouda] should advice herself whether she should be here because there are so many issues, which involve her,” said Mary.

“I thought I should bring this to the attention of this Commission issues that have been brought before it to sensationalize it and not actually helping the Commission.”

Bensouda urged the Commission not to accept Mary’s evidence to implicate her.

Bensouda said the documents were produced by Mary through Amadou Samba. Mary was also the lawyer for MA Kharafi and Bensouda said as a result, MA Kharafi Business Manager Boto Sonko should have been the one to produce the documents instead of Mr. Samba.

Bensouda insinuated that Amadou Samba having access to documents to the Kairaba sale that Mr. Sonko could not lay hands on shows Samba’s involvement and the special relationship he has with Mary Samba.

Bensouda has said despite the allegations, she is not going to bow down from calling on Mr. Boto Sonko to verify the authenticity of the documents involving her that Mary Samba attempted to tender to implicate her.

“Mr. Samba produced documents on which he couldn’t answer because he said the documents were given to him by his sister, who was the lawyer on record acting for Kharafi. I will not comment on the propriety of that because Ms. Samba did act for Kharafi and there was a relationship of privilege, which ought to be taken into account in giving documents to Mr. Samba,” said Bensouda.

“If Mr. Samba produced documents he couldn’t answer questions about, I don’t think my learned friend [Mary Samba] is suggesting we should not call Mr. Sonko to put to put to him documents produced by Kharafi and Son’s lawyer not through Kharafi but through another witness. It’s is my duty to clarify that evidence and I will not flinch from that duty notwithstanding any allegation anybody may have.”

Amadou Samba has denied being Jammeh’s business partner, accusing the ex-President Jammeh of psychologically torturing him. He is adamant to take down with him anyone that has been involved with any of Jammeh’s business transactions.

Samba disavowed Jammeh, saying he has no knowledge of any of Jammeh’s wealth and assets outside The Gambia, although some of Mr. Jammeh’s businesses are registered in his name.

Both Jammeh and Samba’s assets have been frozen by authorities to block them from selling, mortgaging, charging or disposing their estate.

At least three witnesses, including former senior aides and a chief of staff to Jammeh, identified Amadou Samba as one of the closest associates to the ex-autocratic ruler, who has fled to Equatorial Guinea.

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