Bensouda dares critics to produce evidence linking her to Jammeh

Bensouda dares critics to produce evidence linking her to Jammeh

Amie Bensouda has dared those seeking to connect her to former President Yahya Jammeh to provide any evidence they want and warned she will not succumb to intimidation.

Bensouda is knocking her way out of the corner that a campaign seeking to see her removed from the Janneh Commission put her in. It is the second time there was an attempt in the investigation to associate her with Jammeh.

Former President Yahya Jammeh’s business partner Amadou Samba attempted to implicate Bensouda in the sale transaction of the Kairaba Beach Hotel but Bensouda is not having it.

“I have no personal interest in this process. None whatsoever. I am doing my job as I was appointed as counsel and I won’t hesitate to do what is right and I won’t be intimidated,” Amie Bensouda said.

Amadou Samba’s lawyer, Mary Samba tried presenting documents that show Bensouda was involved in Jammeh’s sale of the Kairaba Beach Hotel, saying: we have evidence to produce before the Commission…..she was part and parcel of the transaction.

Bensouda admitted she may have prepared documents but denied acting on behalf of the former President Jammeh. Bensouda is the Head of the Law Firm Amie Bensouda & Co. a firm of 4 Lawyers specializing in corporate, property, banking and finance.

“I have never acted for ex-president Jammeh in any capacity. I know I have not acted for any close associates in any capacity whatsoever. I am not saying I have not prepared documents. I might have but one thing is clear I have never acted for ex-President Jammeh and I have never acted for any named as close associates,” said Bensouda.

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