GMC vows to support Barrow despite party leader’s ouster

GMC vows to support Barrow despite party leader’s ouster

Members of the GMC party have pledged their support to President Adama Barrow and his government at its first meeting presided by the party leader, Mai Ahmad Fatty since his ouster.

Fatty was fired from Barrow’s cabinet last week amid allegations of corruptions. He has denied the charges and the company, Semlex has also refuted the claims.

“As the count-down to our statutory National Congress tolls, the need for inclusive national development and support for government efforts dominated our discourse,” Fatty said after the meeting.

The GMC is among the seven opposition parties that backed Barrow to hand a shocking defeat to former strongman, Yahya Jammeh, who is now living in Equatorial Guinea, where President Theodore Obiang gave him a safe haven.

The GMC continuous support the Barrow regime despite Fatty’s removal from cabinet and redeployment to foreign services is seen as an indication that Fatty still remains close to the party with the majority stake in the unity government, the UDP.

UDP leader and Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe while addressing Gambians in Silver Spring, a Maryland suburb outside Washington said graft allegations against Fatty were concocted and damaging not just to the former minister but to the Barrow administration as well.

Fatty, who urged his supporters to respect the decision of President Barrow to dismiss him said he has no “iota of bitterness” over his firing and pledged to continue supporting Barrow’s development efforts.

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