Amie Bojang: Mai Fatty’s removal in Gambia’s best interest

Amie Bojang: Mai Fatty’s removal in Gambia’s best interest

The ouster of former minister of interior, Mai Ahmad Fatty is in the best interest of Gambians, said President Adama Barrow’s Press Secretary, Amie Bojang-Sissoho.

Ms. Bojang-Sissoho declined to comment any further as journalists attempt to pressure her into divulging the reasons for the sacking of one of the president’s most trusted associates and political ally.

Fatty has denied being fired over corruption allegations. Although the presidency has neither confirmed nor dispel the reports, the country’s Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe said the allegations against Fatty were false and disruptive not just to the ex-minister but to the Barrow government as well.

President Adama Barrow sacked Fatty in a surprise announcement on national television on November 10 and a replacement has not been made, raising an eyebrow among some of the president’s supporters.

Press Secretary Bojang-Sissoho said that Mr. Barrow has narrowed the candidates listed to replace Fatty. An official source said the announcement may come as early as this week.

As Barrow’s government remains mute about Fatty’s firing, more reports are emerging surrounding his unceremonious ouster. It is evident that whatever the reason for Fatty’s firing, it was for a serious reason that could be damaging to his career.

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