Barrow narrows scope on selecting new interior minister

Barrow narrows scope on selecting new interior minister

President Adama Barrow has narrowed the list of nominees to fill the vacant cabinet role of Minister of Interior with a confirmation expected this week.

Barrow, 52, came to power this year after a turbulent transition and fired his security minister, Mai Ahmad Fatty for unexplained reasons that have left a bitter taste with some of his supporters.

Press Secretary Amie Bojang said that Mr. Barrow with his advisors is reviewing the list of nominees and an announcement will be made very soon revealing who MrBarrow’s pick is.

Gambia’s security forces have long been loyal to former President Yahya Jammeh, and there are fears that they could obstruct the democratic transition of the country.

At least a dozen soldiers have already been arraigned before a military tribunal for plotting to overthrow Barrow’s government. The security situation in the country remains fragile, although post-electoral skirmishes have been put to rest.

President Barrow, who is also the Minister of Defense has made some major changes in the military as he gradually asserts his authority as the army forces’ Commander-in-Chief.

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