Gambia recovered $2.7M from wealth swiped by Cpt. Ebou Jallow

Gambia recovered $2.7M from wealth swiped by Cpt. Ebou Jallow

At least $2.7 million has been recovered by Gambian authorities after a former military junta officer swiped $3 million from the country’s Central Bank.

It is no secret that Captain Ebou Jallow had snatched $3 million before fleeing the country to the United States. The money was transferred to a private Swiss bank account.

Abdoulie Cham, a former financial controller at the Central Bank of The Gambia said at least $2.7 million was recovered from the Swiss Bank after then-Chairman Yahya Jammeh ruled that the transfer was unauthorized.

The money was part of a $35 million loan given to The Gambia by Taiwan following international sanctions on the Gambia’s military junta. A portion of the fund was used to build the country’s new airport terminal, purchase the Daily Observer and build the Arch.

Gambian authorities sent a delegation to Switzerland, including Cham, the Central Bank Governor, Attorney General and Finance Minister to recover the funds. It left Captain Jallow with about $300 thousand.

Ebou Jallow has never denied taking money from the state but never mentioned that part of the money was recovered, leaving many to believe all these years that he actually made away with $3 million instead of $300 thousand.

Jallow has since lived in the United States, where he joined the U.S. Marine Corp. He reunited with Jammeh in 2013, who said he had forgiven him. He became a backer for Jammeh but maintained a distance from the now exiled ruler.

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