Opposition politician scrutinize Barrow for New Gambia fanfare

Opposition politician scrutinize Barrow for New Gambia fanfare

Opposition politician Modou Cham has criticized the Barrow government for celebrating the ouster of former President Yahya Jammeh and coming of the Barrow’s victory without producing a development blueprint.

Cham scrutinized the gathering of thousands of supporters of one Africa’s newest leaders in a playground, nine miles outside the island capital, Banjul as a lack of prioritization

“The Gambia is at a crucial stage in terms of development and the government should have a development blueprint and work towards rebuilding the country. They should equally try to achieve all their target goals and put the country on track,” Cham said.

The Vice President Fatoumata Tambajang had launched a Think-Tank that was expected to produce a development agenda for the Barrow administration. The group has since been at work and yet to make the blueprint public.

Cham, who is the national youth mobilizer of the GDC party said Mr. Barrow could have simply given a televised statement instead of taking part in a fanfare, accusing Barrow of wasting the nation’s meager resources, a point that supporters of the new leader are sure to deem unfair.

“These were the same things that we all condemned Yahya Jammeh for and we should not allow anyone to repeat the same just like Jammeh was doing. There is no one out there in the government circle fighting for the country’s interest. It’s a pity and we have a long way to go,” he said.

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