Barrow’s salary not reflected in budget sparking calls for its publicity

Barrow’s salary not reflected in budget sparking calls for its publicity

President Adama Barrow’s salary has not been specified in the budget presented to the National Assembly for approval, prompting MP Halifa Sallah to demand the president’s salary to be made public.

Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh’s salary was at about $3,580 (D170,000 dalasis) per month, a Commission probing the former leader found. Reports are rife that Mr. Barrow is receiving at least $4,210 (D200,000 dalasis).

Sallah has promised to deal with the issue of Mr. Barrow’s salary at a later committee meeting leading to the approval of the budget presented to lawmakers.

“I have not seen the salary and allowances of the president. This is a new dispensation and that should change and we will deal with this at committee stage,” said Sallah.

The Member of Parliament demanded a detailed budget that will help deal with the current realities of the country, which has been very dependant on external budgetary support from the European Union.

Barrow has axed his office’s budget, slashing more than $11.9 million (D475 million dalasis) in spending. The cut came after Barrow’s administration revised and trashed his predecessor, Yahya Jammeh’s budget that allocated millions in regular and supplementary budget to the presidency.

Gambian authorities accuse former President Jammeh of financial mismanagement and wastefully spending more than $117 million dollars (D4.7 billion dalasis) during the last three years of his rule, a scenario that Sallah said should not be allowed.

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