Gambia’s ex-first lady shipped money offshore

Gambia’s ex-first lady shipped money offshore

Gambia’s former First Lady Zineb Jammeh had been transferring money from to Morocco, the United States, and France before fleeing with her defeated husband, Yahya Jammeh.

Zineb Jammeh, a Moroccan made some 26 transfers in last three months before their exile, Guarantee Trust Bank Chief Executive Bolaji Ayodele said. The demoralized first lady also had four accounts with the bank.

The accounts had $2,760 (D127,000 dalasis), $287,451 (D13.22 million dalasis), $597,165 (D27.4 million dalasis) and $461,739 (D21.24 dalasis). All the accounts have been frozen by the government of Adama Barrow in March.

But before the seizure, Zineb Jammeh had transferred enough money leaving only $0.31 (D15 dalasis) and $8,691 (D399,786 dalasis) in two of the accounts.

Former President Yahya Jammeh had also transferred money offshore even after fleeing. The former first family is accused of living an ostentatious lifestyle at the cost of Gambian taxpayers.

Zineb Jammeh is regarded a shopaholic and frequently travels to the United States and France, where she goes on a shopping spree for luxury goods and clothes. She has been in headlines in for more than her shopping spree. She was accused of not wanting to associate with Gambians.

The new Gambia government revoked the diplomatic passports of the ex-first family and at least 270 other former officials after reports became widespread that Zineb Jammeh had been traveling between Equatorial Guinea and Senegal to meet with business associates.

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