Jammeh emptied his salary account before fleeing

Jammeh emptied his salary account before fleeing

Ex-President Yahya Jammeh emptied his salary account before fleeing to Equatorial Guinea, according to the testimony of the Managing Director of Guarantee Trust Bank, Bolaji Ayodele.

The account, which had $88,587 (D4,207, 889.63 dalasis) was cleared on January 13, after it became imminent that West African troops will be authorized to flush Jammeh out of power.

The former self-serving ruler also withdrew all funds from two accounts with €15,833 (D883,596 dalasis) and £12,500 (D791,225 dalasis) on the same day.

Mr. Ayodele had told investigators at a Commission probing the ex-leader’s financial activities that monies in accounts belonging to a private mining company associated with Jammeh were also withdrawn after he fled.

At least $2.1 million (D86.4 million dalasis) was withdrawn from two accounts at the Guarantee Trust Bank in February on the orders of the ousted ruler, while he was in exile in Equatorial Gunea.

Jammeh systematically stashed funds during the political impasse ignited by his refusal to cede power. He used the time as a grace period to ransack the country’s treasury.

Former President Jammeh is accused of stealing at least $50 million from the state during the last weeks of his rule, and his assets were seized in a major anti-corruption move by the country’s Justice Department.

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