OJ Jallow forces a U-turn on Ousman Jammeh’s appointment

OJ Jallow forces a U-turn on Ousman Jammeh’s appointment

The decision to appoint Mr. Ousman Jammeh, a former deputy minister as permanent secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture has been rescinded after Minister Omar Jallow opposed the choice.

Jallow had said days after Jammeh’s appointment that he would not be able to work with the new permanent secretary, demanding that Jammeh is replaced by Hassan Jallow, a person he had recommended.

Ousman Jammeh, a former political prisoner was appointed through the Personnel Management Office. While Mr. Jallow could make recommendations, he does not have the powers to choose who could lead the ministry as permanent secretary.

The decision to reverse Jammeh’s appointment and allow Omar Jallow to have his wishes has put to question the competence of the Secretary-General and Head of Civil Service Dawda Fadera, who has been described as “spineless and clueless.”

Minister Omar Jallow’s push for a sudden U-turn on Ousman Jammeh’s appointment is frowned upon as insubordination and disrespect to the country’s President Adama Barrow.

Minister Jallow’s party was among those that backed President Barrow in last year’s elections and said he had worked with Hassan Jallow and deemed him more qualified, an argument that could be considered to be nothing but nepotism.

Jammeh has also rejected a new offer to serve as Director of Agriculture and would be returning to his work at a non-profit organization that is helping farmers in the rural parts of the Gambia. He had served as permanent secretary and deputy minister of agriculture with the previous administration.

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