Zineb Jammeh left D15 in her dalasi account

Zineb Jammeh left D15 in her dalasi account

Former First Lady Zineb Jammeh left D15, less than $0.32 cents in her dalasi account at the Guarantee Trust Bank. She made the last transaction just a week before she and her family fled the country.

The account, which had $2,760 (D127,000 dalasis) and at least three other checking accounts were emptied by the ex-First Lady. Most of the money in these accounts were wired to offshore banks.

The four accounts are part of those seized by the Justice Department after a preliminary investigation indicated that Jammeh made away with at least $50 million to his safe haven in Equatorial Guinea.

Before the seizure of the former president’s assets, Jammeh managed to withdraw more than $2 million left behind in a company account. Authorities have not indicated how these transfer occurred.

Gambia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ousainou Darboe revoked the diplomatic passports of the former First Family with at least 270 other ex-officials, which also included international celebrities that were so-called friends of the Jammeh family.

The decision came after reports became widespread that Zaineb Jammeh was in neighboring Senegal’s capital, Dakar meeting with business associates. It prompted many to call on the Barrow administration to revoke diplomatic passports that were issued by the former regime.

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