Gambia court seizes Bayo’s passport, lawyer demands return

Gambia court seizes Bayo’s passport, lawyer demands return

The High Court in Gambia’s capital, Banjul has seized the passport of Gambian-French national Sheikh Sedia Bayo and his lawyer is demanding that the court have it returned.

Lawyer CE Meme said Mr. Bayo has to travel between Paris and Banjul on business. Bayo, who has been stuck in the Gambia for two weeks due to allegations of unpaid hotel bills has been a middleman for investors.

The political activist that led a psychological warfare against former President Yahya Jammeh is working in partnership with the executive office of the president, Adama Barrow to have investors attracted to the West African nation.

Justice Buba Jawo has ordered Mr. Bayo to provide financial statements backing his claims of being a businessman. Bayo, who resides in Paris apparently have a car rental firm.

Meme said Mr. Bayo has placed two properties that exceed that value of the claim by Coco Ocean Hotel and therefore, Bayo’s passport should be returned to him due to the international nature of his work and to secure the ban statements he needs from his bank in France.

Coco Ocean, a five-star hotel in The Gambia filed a civil lawsuit against France-based Bayo for refusing to pay $42,738.06 Dollars (D1.71 million Dalasis) for staying in the hotel for two weeks.

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