Gambia must be cautious of China’s influence

Gambia must be cautious of China’s influence

The sheer increase and continuing increase of Chinese influence in The Gambia should be very worrisome to every Gambian.

It seems China is everywhere and involved in almost every industry in The Gambia. You do not get to watch a GRTS News without hearing China doing this or China doing that in The Gambia.

The Gambia has big Chinese fishing boats illegally fishing and depleting Gambia’s fishing industry, they are well known around the world for doing this. China trying to build the port at Banjul, they have done similar projects in and around other African countries. China building a bridge, China building a conference center, and China’s hands in the medical sector.

Let’s not forget while all this is happening. China is exporting labor to Chinese citizens in droves all in the name of diplomacy and giving aid or loans with very high interest rates. We have to be careful with the Chinese influence. We need to look at other African countries where they have this much influence in almost every sector and see how those examples went.

In some places, you will have a ratio where the workers [laborers] consist of over 80% Chinese exported labor compared to a mere fraction of Gambians. I am not nifty with the details but I am certain there is a law in The Gambia that states that Gambians should occupy 80% of companies in The Gambia labor force.

I know Yahya Jammeh depleted Gambian financial institutions and brought other institutions to their knees. The Gambia needs to recover but that does not mean we should open our door to every promise without vetting them and getting a good deal.

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