The GDC will die being an opposition

The GDC will die being an opposition

Since APRC party has lost political glory and is slowly fading into oblivion, it is natural and normal that other established parties are racing to attract some of its supporters looking for new home.

In fact, most of the perpetrators of heinous crimes under Jammeh did not commit them in the name of APRC party but did so to help perpetuate dictatorship of former President Jammeh. They are the ones who aided and abetted systematic decadence our country endured for more 22 years.

Our problem is not with those who accept that Jammeh’s presidency is gone forever and crimes under his watch must be investigated, and, where possible, prosecuted including having Jammeh himself stand trial for his reign of terror.

They are fellow Gambians who happened to belong to or support a leadership that brought unimaginable suffering to Gambians for more than two decades. Their political support for a murderous regime may constitute a moral turpitude but certainly not a crime.

When some of us associate GDC to APRC, we are not talking about your friendship with ordinary party supporters but rather an alignment of ideology or policy that Jammeh and all the crimes committed during his leadership must be left unanswered.

We are talking about Kandeh’s very public pronouncement that he would provide amnesty for Jammeh and his gang of criminals. We are referring to your refusal to condemn financial crimes committed under Jammeh even as evidence is being collected at Janneh Commission.

We are worried that GDC administration or a Kandeh presidency will rollback every democratic gain valiantly fought by Gambians. We are concerned about our safety, due process, and justice under Kandeh. Just want to make it a little clearer as to why I want GDC to remain to talk opposition for the longest time.

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