Dear Amie Bensouda: Keep standing your ground

Dear Amie Bensouda: Keep standing your ground

During Yahya Jammeh’s 22 years reign of terror, we have also observed that his close associates had no shortage of tactics in order to bully, intimidate and silence their real or perceived competitors.

Both Muhammed Bazzi and Amadou Samba had invoked their close relationship with the former dictator to advance their business empower ranging from fuel and cement importation exclusivity to sand mining activities, among others, at tremendous expense to Gambians.

Today’s fiery but futile attempt at the Janneh Commission by Lawyer Mary Samba to discredit your reputation or undercut your probing expertise is an extension of the same old tactics as part of a broader conspiratorial venture hatched by those whose personal liberty and ill-gotten wealth potentially hang in the balance.

Since the beginning of this inquiry, false claims were making rounds in newspapers and elsewhere just to cast doubt about your competence and impartiality and Mary Samba’s emotionally charged action further shed light on this joint frustrated efforts.

Despite their nefarious or mischievous machinations to render this Commission toothless, you have stood your ground and your responses have not only been stellar but rooted in clear conviction, knowledge, wisdom, and courage.

You are a consummate professional with unassailable reputation and an abiding passion for truth and accountability. We would like to assure you of our appreciation for your candor and diligence in the execution of your responsibilities and hope that you will never give in to the blackmail and caricature.

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