Haiti’s ex-prime minister faces travel ban amid murder and corruption probe

Haiti’s ex-prime minister faces travel ban amid murder and corruption probe

Former Prime minister Jean-Max Bellerive has been prevented from leaving the country by a judge amid a murder probe dating back to 2012 and corruption allegations.

The investigating judge of the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince, Jean Wilner Morin, issued the order preventing Bellerive, who was scheduled to leave the French-speaking Caribbean Community country on Monday, from flying out of jurisdiction.

Bellerive, who was premier during a catastrophic earthquake, was ordered to remain within Haiti by a judge who is investigating the 2009 disappearance of a public procurement official and the 2012 death of a construction manager allegedly connected to the case.

Bellerive denied any connection to either incident or to other acts of corruption.

“I believe all this is part of a political lynching,” he told Reuters. “No one can show me where I’ve enriched myself or acquired unjustified properties.”

His spokesman said “the former Head of the Government Preval has always been and remains available to the justice of his country in case of further investigation,” saying that the ban on departure issued by the judge Jean Wilner Morin is “apparently without a clear reason.”

Corruption has plagued Haiti for generations and President Jovenel Moise has pledged to fight it as a way to improve the impoverished Caribbean country’s social and economic development.

Source: SMBC & News Agencies

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