Gambia auctions off ex-president’s livestock

Gambia auctions off ex-president’s livestock

Authorities in the West African nation of The Gambia are auctioning the livestock of the country’s exiled leader, Yahya Jammeh, raising concerns about the legitimacy of the sale.

The decision to sell off Jammeh’s livestock, mostly cross-bred imported cattle, came from a Commission investigating the financial activities of Mr. Jammeh, who was defeated in last year’s elections.

The Commission was set up to probe and make recommendations to the new Gambian President Adama Barrow, who has stated that no decision will be regarding the disposal of Jammeh’s properties until the Commission finishes investigations.

A Court in The Gambia’s capital, Banjul froze Jammeh’s assets in May, including his livestock. Two of his brothers were arrest prior to the court order for attempting to liquidate the ex-president’s farm assets.

Gambian authorities say Jammeh, who now lives in Equatorial Guinea stole at least $50 million in the days leading to his ouster. The U.S. has sanctioned him for the theft citing corruption and human rights abuses.

The Gambia has taken several actions to restrict Jammeh and his family revoking their diplomatic passports after it emerged that ex-First Lady, Zineb Jammeh had traveled to neighboring Senegal.

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