Gambia asks U.S. to sanction ex-first lady Zineb Jammeh

Gambia asks U.S. to sanction ex-first lady Zineb Jammeh

The Gambia is urging the U.S. government to sanction ex-First Lady Zineb Jammeh, who managed so far to avoid facing stiff penalties for her role in embezzling millions.

Zineb, a Guinean-Moroccan frequented the United States, where she stays in a mansion outside Washington, DC. The Potomac Mansion, valued for $3.5 million is now the target of sanctions by U.S. authorities.

“While we commend the US Government for this laudable act, we would like to encourage them to do more and therefore call on the United States to include on this list some family members of former President Jammeh, especially his wife Mrs. Zineb Souma Jammeh,” said Gambia’s Attorney General Aboubacarr Ba Tambadou.

Zineb Jammeh has been found to make at least several international wire transfers in the last months leading to the end of her husband’s iron-fist rule of the tiny West African state.

She is known for wearing expensive clothing, flying in private jets and going on shopping sprees at the detriment of Gambian taxpayers.

The Gambia is one of Africa’s poorest nation and at least 65 percent of the country’s health budget is financed by international donors. The country is generally highly dependant on foreign aid.

The U.S. government put former President Jammeh on a sanction list freezing his assets in the United States and barring U.S. citizens from doing business with him for corruption and human rights abuses.

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