GMC holds first national congress attended by leader

GMC holds first national congress attended by leader

The Gambia Moral Congress is set to elect Mai Ahmad Fatty as its party leader in the first national congress held by the party to be attended by its founder since it was formed eight years ago.

Members of the GMC party have converged at the Friendship Hotel outside the capital, Banjul to elect the leaders of their party, which has recently gained prominence.

For long, the GMC has been seen as a one-man party operated by Fatty from his base in Norway, where he was in exile. Fatty backed former opposition leader, Ousainou Darboe in the 2011 presidential election.

Then-President Yahya Jammeh made an attempt on his life, forcing him to flee. He joined opposition leaders in the Group of Six to boycott local government and parliamentary polls, citing faulty electoral regulations.

But Saturday’s national congress indicated that Fatty’s party is stronger and enjoys more support than ever before. He returned to The Gambia last year and joined the opposition coalition that defeated Jammeh.

Fatty became a senior advisor and later Minister of Security for the new President Adama Barrow. He became a strongman with as much popular support and critics, taking a strong stand against unruly political violence that rocked the southwest.

Fatty served 11 months in the new coalition government. His party continues to support the efforts of the Barrow administration and the short stay in the cabinet has spur support for his party.

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