Gambia’s ex-ruler’s party calls sale of his cattle “stealing”

Gambia’s ex-ruler’s party calls sale of his cattle “stealing”

The party of the Gambia’s exiled leader, Yahya Jammeh has called the decision by the Commission probing the ex-president to sell off his livestock “illegal and unjustifiable,” further criticizing it as “stealing.”

A spokesperson for the party, Seedy Njie said the sale must not proceed, accusing the Commission of overstepping its boundaries and acting beyond its mandate.

“The Janneh commission is only mandated by law to inquire and write their report and submit it to the president, who is also mandated by law to issue a government white paper in respect of actions to be taken with regard the findings,” Njie said.

“If the sale were to be conducted illegally as the Janneh Commission want it, we indicated that all those involved in the illegal sale order, including government and or any other act of aiding, will be held accountable and responsible for any cattle missing or sale.”

A High Court ordered the freezing of Jammeh’s assets after Gambian authorities accused the erstwhile leader of financial mismanagement, corruption and theft. At least 187 landed properties, 95 bank accounts, and 47 companies have been affected by the seizure.

However, Njie said the government has indicated it will abandon the sale. The legality of the sale has been questioned and if proper procedures were taken or if the decision by the Commission was arbitrary.

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