Karamba Touray: Sale of Jammeh’s cattle is legal

Karamba Touray: Sale of Jammeh’s cattle is legal

The sale of former President Yahya Jammeh’s cattle is legal and would prevent loss for the state if Jammeh is found to have illegally acquired livestock, said political activist Karamba Touray.

Touray backed the decision by the Janneh Commission, saying they also have the mandate to make such interim decisions to protect the state’s interest and prevent any loss to taxpayers.

“Assets they determined is linked to the former president and his associates that may be exposed or depreciate in value during the course of their investigations or can otherwise be exposed to adversity can be disposed and the proceeds held in escrow for the final accounting,” he said.

“The cows are subject death, decease and with age, some would depreciate in value. That is the reason behind the auction to safeguard value for the taxpayers, whose funds Jammeh stole on an industrial scale.”

The ex-president has been accused of corruption, financial mismanagement and theft. Gambia’s Justice Department said Jammeh stole at least $50 million while fleeing at the end of his mandate.

The Janneh Commision has also made recommendations to the Gambia Ports Authority, authorizing the sale of ferries that were procured from Greek businessmen, knowing they were not usable in Gambian waters.

The legality of the decision to sell off Jammeh’s livestock has been questioned but Touray said the Commission has to a duty to safeguard taxpayers against further loss on the assets they are investigating.

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