Opposition spokesperson attends GMC national congress

Opposition spokesperson attends GMC national congress

Seedy SK Njie, the spokesperson for the opposition APRC party was Saturday seen at the Friendship Hotel, where one of the political parties that was part of the group that defeated them was selecting its party leaders.

Njie was representing the former ruling party at the GMC’s second national congress. The APRC ruled The Gambia for 22-years after its leader and then-President Yahya Jammeh took over power in a military coup.

The GMC joined the coalition last year that handed Jammeh a shocking defeat and backed the UDP to win an absolute majority in the parliament.

Political parties in The Gambia are all showing strength. The APRC organized a major political rally in October in a show of might. GMC national congress is also a flexing of muscle to show the party now enjoys more support than ever.

APRC supporters, especially in the southwestern region of Foni have accused Fatty of being a strongman while being the security minister.

Fatty had taken a stand against post-electoral skirmishes in the new opposition stronghold. A protest in the hometown of exiled president Jammeh left one person dead and several others claimed to be wounded by West African security forces.

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