Three ministers attend GMC national congress

Three ministers attend GMC national congress

Three former cabinet colleagues of the erstwhile security minister, Mai Ahmad Fatty graced the GMC party’s national congress on Saturday.

Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe, Tourism Minister Hamat Bah and Agriculture Minister Omar Jallow were at the Friendship Hotel representing their political parties.

Darboe, Bah and Jallow are the leaders of the UDP, NRP and PPP parties, which are also part of the coalition government. But Fatty and the GMC joined Darboe and Bah for a tactical alliance during the parliamentary elections.

UDP won an absolute majority in the April polls. GMC has no representative in the National Assembly. The GMC continues to support the coalition government and is still a stronger backer for the UDP.

Saturday’s congress is the second for the party but the first to be attended by the party’s founder, who is also elected to be the party leader, Mai Ahmad Fatty.

GMC has never put up a candidate to run for the presidency. It has joined the UDP in a coalition in 2011, became part of the Group of Six to boycott local government polls in 2012 and joined the unity group that defeated former President Yahya Jammeh.

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