Commission of Inquiry can make interim orders: Tambadou

Commission of Inquiry can make interim orders: Tambadou

Attorney General Aboubacarr Ba Tambadou said the Commission investigating ex-President Yahya Jammeh reserves the right to issue interim orders but will cover technical grounds through getting High Court rulings.

“The Commission of Inquiry can issue interim orders, which should not be arbitrary, but be based on necessity among other things,” Tambadou told Parliament.

His response came after the legality of the decision by the Janneh Commission to sell off former President Yahya Jammeh’s livestock was questioned.

The spokesperson for Jammeh’s APRC party, Seedy SK Njie has called the attempt to sell the mostly imported cattle as “illegal and unjustifiable,” accusing the Commission of overstepping its boundaries.

“The Janneh commission is only mandated by law to inquire and write their report and submit it to the president, who is also mandated by law to issue a government white paper in respect of actions to be taken with regard the findings,” Njie said.

The Commission is supposed to pass on recommendations to the country’s president, Adama Barrow, but it has made several interim orders freezing assets of Jammeh’s associates.

Two of such associates, Muhammed Bazzi and Fadi Mazaggi are challenging the order in the High Court, hoping to have the decision of the Commission reversed. They also accuse the Commissioner of acting beyond their mandate.

AG Tambadou said the Justice Department would secure an order from the High Court to sell off Jammeh’s livestock. The same court seized Jammeh’s assets in May after a preliminary report indicated the ousted leader made away with $50 million.

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