Calls for Gen. Savage to be reinstated

Calls for Gen. Savage to be reinstated

Some Gambians have called for the reinstated of a military general that was booted out of the army following the ouster of former President Yahya Jammeh.

Brig. Gen. Musa Savage was accused of betraying a group of coup plotters and backing then-President Jammeh, spurring human rights abuses in the ex-regime.

Savage has denied being part of the plotters and one of the former coupist, Bai Lowe backed his claims. However, a former U.S. Air Force Sgt. Papa Faal maintains that the ex-general betrayed them, leading to the death of three of their comrades.

However, a military source said Gen. Savage did play a commanding role in countering the attack on the fortified presidential compound. Jammeh promoted Savage and gave him the command of a special Counter-Terrorism Unit of the army.

Savage admitted in an interview with the Standard’s Omar Wally that his rapid rise through the ranks was for the role he played in defending the presidential compound from falling into the hands of “unknown attackers.”

Supporters of the discharged general said he was defending the country as required of him [being a member of the Armed Forces] and added that his firing was politically motivated.

Savage was in charge of the Kanilai garrison, the camp that was protecting the properties of Jammeh in his native Foni. He had reportedly resisted the take over of Jammeh’s compound in the strategic border village during a military intervention that sent Jammeh into exile.

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