Gambia: Ex-ruling party to grace New Year with power show

Gambia: Ex-ruling party to grace New Year with power show

The APRC party is diving into 2018 and readying to take the country by storm in a show of popularity. Its party leader will be on a nationwide tour to drum up support for the party.

The party was defeated in the 2016 presidential and legislative polls. It transitioned well to becoming a strong opposition to the unity government of Adama Barrow.

In October last year, it organized a major rally that attracted thousands of supporters at the Buffer Zone, just outside Banjul. It also held three other rallies last year alone.

The party has lost a significant number of its supporters since former President Yahya Jammeh’s departure to Equatorial Guinea. It lost more than half of its constituency leaderships.

The APRC has been evicted from its political bureau in Kanifing and its bank accounts were frozen. The party’s interim leader, former Majority Leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta accused the government of President Adama Barrow of maliciously suppressing opposition voices.

Gambians are heading to the polls in April to select their local government representatives. It will be a test of the APRC’s strength. The party will put up candidates across all regions.

Yankuba Colley, the Mayor of KMC has decided not to seek a new mandate, and the APRC winning or losing the commercial municipality is a critical test of its popularity. It faces strong challenges from independent candidates and the UDP party.

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