Barrow: Power belongs to the people and not me

Barrow: Power belongs to the people and not me

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow said power belongs to the people, reminding citizens that his presidency is an evidence of the fact that leaders are servicemen to their citizens.

“Power belongs to the people,” Barrow said. “It is you Gambians that have united and voted out a tyrant and made me your president. So you have given me a job and if I do not do my job, you will use your power and send me out.”

Barrow has made such statements severally while addressing Gambians, including in New York in September and last month in China. Gambians shocked the world by voting out Jammeh in 2016 in an election in which the former strongman was expected to win.

Jammeh refused to cede power but Gambians stuck to their position and West African forces flushed Jammeh out of power, despite his calls for fresh polls to be held, accusing the electoral commission of rigging the election.

Barrow has reversed several decisions made by his government and refused to sign at least two bills into law after citizens decried that they did not follow due process. The humble and soft-spoken leader said he has to listen to the people and make the best decision for the greater good of the nation.

Barrow’s predecessor was a brutal iron-fist ruler who maimed and killed his perceived enemies. Political activists, journalists, and pro-democracy campaigners were tortured, executed, arbitrarily arrested, and detained incommunicado.

President Barrow has pledged to end the human and civil rights violations in the country and uphold the rule of law. According to him, any leader that makes an attempt to oppress Gambians will be removed from power just like Jammeh was.

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