Kerr Fatou’s next episode will be filled with mixed emotions

Kerr Fatou’s next episode will be filled with mixed emotions

The next episode of Kerr Fatou to be played on Thursday will be nothing beyond comical and sad at the same time, leaving listeners in a state where they would be laughing because of humor but could bury their heads in their palms in awe of sadness.

This is because their guest is no other person than the outlandish Minister of Tourism and Culture, Hamat Bah, who is notorious for his quagmire personality and controversial statements.

A teaser from the Kora Media Group, the production company behind the Kerr Fatou talk show has already gone viral. At the center of discussions would be Bah’s call for the arrest of youths who are usually seen around beaches trying to befriend tourists.

“This year there be will be no issues…’Bombsters’, don’t worry about them. We know where to keep them until the season ends. If it means making a law at the Parliament, we will. Don’t worry about it,” Bah said last year.”

“When you are caught, you are locked up six months and at the end of the season, you are released. We cannot allow ‘bombsters’ to spoil the industry; we will not. We will not let that happen.”

He faced the wrath of activists who called him a dictator. He said while he is not a prosecutor, he will encourage and work with law enforcement authorities to arrest the so-called ‘bombsters’ and get them prosecuted.

“Any incident, just one incident would damage the entire tourism industry,” he said. Gambians have complained about being stopped by the police while walking around the so-called tourism development area, where hotels filled with tourists from Europe lined up the strip. They have also been barred by security forces from accessing the beaches.

Security forces have been accused of detaining and abusing mostly young people, who accused them civil and human rights violations. Cases of torture and cruel punishment by security forces around the hotels have been reported.

Bah is sure to fill the 90-minute-long show with his cartoonist mannerism and be assured, he would consistently interrupt and will “completely” or “totally” disagree with the show’s hosts.

It won’t be a surprise if a controversial headline pops out of Thursday’s episode of the Kerr Fatou. Bah is very unapologetic about his behavior and reckless statements he makes.

He overbearingly maintains that Gambians should return to their native country to marry local women instead of marrying Whites to “avoid the taking over of the country by a mixed-race group.”

He is always lashed at for appearing unprofessional, condescending and very arrogant. Despite such backlashes, Bah always maintains his position, including his call for legislation against homosexuality. However, be guaranteed a great laugh. I hope Hamat Bah proves some of us wrong.

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