Activist denounces attack on opposition supporters

Activist denounces attack on opposition supporters

The attack of the APRC supporters at the President Adama Barrow’s village is not regrettable but criminal, said Pa Samba Jow, a senior member of a pro-democracy group, DUGA.

Jow, a longtime political campaigner that opposed former President Yahya Jammeh’s brutal rule said perpetrators must be arrested and prosecuted.

A handful of people were injured when the convoy of the former ruling party was attacked in Mankamang Kunda in the country’s provincial district of Jimara. The opposition said at least three people were injured.

“A clear example must be set to ensure that this type of barbarism will never be tolerated again. Jammeh used this same tactic during his evil reign to brutalize members of the opposition by declaring the Fonis, especially Kanilai a ‘no go area’,” said Jow.

“The supporters of President Barrow must be reminded that such actions only give the president a bad name, and it emboldens the APRC by turning them into victims. The best way to deal with the APRC is to shun them.”

President Barrow had promised to have the police probe the incident, saying it is the natural thing to do. He has urged Gambians to participate in political activities in a responsible and civil manner.

Tensions escalated Wednesday night in fresh clashes between APRC and mainly UDP supporters in Busumbala leaving several people injured. The police have arrested several people while trying to control a mob armed with machetes, sticks and stones.

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