Busumbala MP’s vehicle destroyed in attack

Busumbala MP’s vehicle destroyed in attack

The vehicle belonging to the Member of Parliament for the Busumbala District has been smashed during clashes between opposition and government supporters.

MP Saikouba Jarju’s vehicle had major damages to the car’s body. The vehicle body was dinted and the glasses broke in his compound.

Supporters of the country’s defeated APRC party and those backing Barrow, mainly from the UDP party clashed for the second time on Wednesday in fewer than three months.

Riot police armed with AK47 rifles, tear gas and batons were deployed but unable to contain the mob for more than 10 hours. Several people were injured and more than a dozen others arrested.

Jarju had survived a ghastly motor accident that left his official car totaled, at least five people dead and many seriously injured in the capital, Banjul.

Busumbala, a village just outside the administrative city of Brikama and some 19 miles southwest of Banjul is a stronghold of the UDP party, which has the majority stake in Barrow’s unity government.

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