Hamat Bah: Barrow not moving an inch

Hamat Bah: Barrow not moving an inch

Hamat Bah, the leader of the National Reconciliation Party, has taken swipe at the coalition stakeholders who have asked President Adama Barrow to leave office after three years.

At a press conference at his party bureau at Westfield, the NRP leader said the Gambian leader cannot fix the damages that Jammeh has caused in 22 years within a transitional period of three years.

“We are a party that believes in constitutionality and the constitution says 5 years… President Barrow was elected to serve for 5 years and we stand by that. That decision is unshakable. The three-year agreement is not workable and you don’t need to put one plus one to know that,” Bah said.

“The country would have been unprepared to hold an election in 2 years… It is not Barrow. It is us. We are saying he is not moving an inch. It is the people and the Coalition government that will get him to stay in power…”

Bah cautioned that Gambians should do away with shortsightedness, sectionalism and jealousy and focus on national development.

This is not the first time that the so-call gentleman agreement by the coalition has triggered intense debate among coalition leaders.

Last year, Halifa Sallah of the People’s Democratic Organization for Independence and Socialism has cautioned the Gambian leader to honor the agreement and resign after three years.

And on Wednesday, the leader of the People’s Progressive Party, Omar Jallow said that Barrow should quit after 3 years as agreed.

But Bah questioned the political relevance of the leaders who have cautioned Barrow to step down asking how popular those parties are.

“You don’t know the magnitude of the reforms until you started it. I am sure you have seen the number of revelations coming from the Janneh Commission,” Bah said.

“Three years for Barrow is a joke. There is no signed copy that says three years. We had a tentative agreement and the constitution says five years and that is what we will do.”

The NRP leader said 2017 was a very challenging year for his party but also very successful in that they have regained their status in the National Assembly as the party with the Minority Leader.

He also spoke of their intentions to increase female participation in decision-making positions in their party and also increase their female participation in elections to 35 percent.

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