Mai Fatty calls for calm following Busumbala clashes

Mai Fatty calls for calm following Busumbala clashes

The leader of the GMC party and former Minister of Interior has called for calm, following clashes between supporters of the coalition government and ex-ruler, Yahya Jammeh.

“The Gambian destiny is what binds us all together as one. Peace, security, and justice are ideals we all yearn for, and in the pursuit of building the Gambia for all her citizens, we should cherish and protect each other as a people with a shared destiny and purpose,” Fatty said.

He added that a peaceful, prosperous and democratic Gambia can be achieved amid calls for his reinstatement, which so far seems not to be imminent.

Fatty, whose party voted him as their leader for the second time, has been deployed to Foreign Service by President Adama Barrow after his firing from the cabinet November last year as security minister.

He gave the strongest warning to opposition protesters against rioting following the Kanilai revolt that left one person dead and a handful of people wounded. He threatened to deal with those that break the law in the name of the country’s newfound democracy.

“You either obey the law or be consumed by the law,” Fatty warned. It became a warning that stuck with many, prompting the calls for his return to the government, barely three months into his unceremonious departure.

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