U.S. sanctions include Ansumana Jammeh’s companies

U.S. sanctions include Ansumana Jammeh’s companies

At least two companies belonging to the embattled brother of the Gambia’s ousted President Yahya Jammeh have been affected by a U.S. sanction targeting the ex-dictator.

Atlantic Pelican Company and Patriot Insurance Brokers operated by Ansumana Jammeh were included in the U.S. government sanction’s list targeting human rights abusers and corrupt leaders.

Some three other companies, including the Kora Media Group, Kanilai Farms and Kanilai Group International, all associated with the Jammeh brothers were also included in the list.

U.S. citizens are barred from doing businesses with the companies and the individuals associated with them: Ex-President Yahya Jammeh, Ebrahim Sanyang and Ansumana Jammeh.

President Trump signed an executive order declaring a national emergency with respect to serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world and providing for the imposition of sanctions on actors engaged in these malign activities.

“Today, alongside the president and the Department of the Treasury, the Department of State took action against persons who have committed serious human rights abuse and engaged in corruption around the world,” said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in a statement.

“The department is committed to protecting and promoting human rights and combatting corruption with all of the tools at our disposal. Today’s actions advance our values and promote the security of the United States, our allies, and our partners.

Gambian authorities are seeking to have all of Jammeh’s known assets in the U.S. seized, including a $3.5 million mansion in Potomac, Maryland.

The U.S. has vowed to lead by action and says the sanctions against Jammeh, his brother and Mr. Sanyang demonstrates that the United States will continue to pursue tangible and significant consequences for those who commit serious human rights abuse and engage in corruption.

Gambia’s former spy chief, Yankuba Badjie, who is also being sanctioned by the U.S. government is currently on trial for the murder of the opposition activist, Ebrima Solo Sandeng. Badjie has been arrested since February with eight others.

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