Libya: Gambian returnees stranded due to clashes

Libya: Gambian returnees stranded due to clashes

The returning of 155 Gambians from Libya has been canceled on Monday after a gunfight broke between forces loyal to the UN-backed government and militiamen at the Tripoli Airport.

Edrisa Sarjo, the secretary general of the Gambian Association in Libya, told The Torch Newspaper that the date for the returning of the migrants have been canceled until the situation is contained.

Among the 155 migrants is Sulayman Janko, a 24-year old Gambian national who has been shot by rebels on his leg in a Libyan town call Zawia.

Janko, recovering from gunshot wounds, is being helped by International Organisation for Migration’s special doctors who regularly visit him as he awaited evacuation to the Gambia.

“We have arranged Janko’s return with IOM, and we already registered 130 migrant workers and 25 detainees,” Edrisa Sarjo said.

“They will be coming when Tripoli airport starts operating. Unfortunately, Tripoli Airport is closed for time being until further notice.”

Sarjo said they have no idea when the airport will open but the situation appears to be under the control of the government forces.

Since January 2017, over 1500 Gambians have been evacuated from the troubled North African country by IOM and Gambia Government.

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