Gambia arrests ex-dictator’s trusted military aides

Gambia arrests ex-dictator’s trusted military aides

Gambian authorities have arrested two of the West African nation’s former autocratic ruler’s military commanders, who have returned to the country a year after fleeing with the ex-leader.

Brig. Gen. Umpa Mendy and Brig. Gen. Ansumana Tamba casually entered the Banjul International Airport, sparking concerns amongst citizens about safety and security in the country.

The two military generals that have returned from Equatorial Guinea were given VIP reception at the airport, our investigation found and left to their homes.

Mendy and Tamba, who are accused of human rights violations and crimes against the state were in their homes for most of the day on Sunday before a private citizen saw one of them outside their compound and reported to the military head office.

Gen. Mendy was the Principal Protection Officer of Jammeh. Gen. Tamba was twice the chief of the elite presidential guard unit and a weapon specialist. They are known to be loyal to Mr. Jammeh and would go to any extent to protect him.

Tamba led the assault on Gambian journalists and activists outside the Hay Adams Hotel, just a couple of hundred feets outside the White House injuring several people.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the security lapse that led to the two generals freely walking into the country past the security at the airport.

Jammeh remains in Equatorial Guinea, where he has been engaged in farming. The Central African nation’s President Teodoro Obiang said handing over Jammeh for prosecution after peacefully leaving power will set a bad political precedent.

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