Gambia arrests Senegalese armed smugglers

Gambia arrests Senegalese armed smugglers

At least two Senegalese citizens are facing arms trafficking charges in The Gambia after the police arrested them in the Central River Region of the country.

Authorities said Modou Mbye, 37 and Amat Mbye, 36 were transporting firearms, which were discovered during a search at a checkpoint in Choya, 114 miles east of the capital, Banjul.

According to the police spokesperson, David Kujabi, Modou and Amat will be charged with conspiracy, possession of unlicensed firearms and unlawful importation of firearms.

The police recently received directives to set up a checkpoint along the highway in Choya were the two men were arrested. They had last had a checkpoint along the road last year during the political impasse.

Some of the rifles found on Modou and Amat were locally made. Their arrest came amid reports that a woman and her two children were held by gunmen not far from Choya. Police are yet to determine if the two are linked.

Central Gambia has seen an increase in crimes in recent months igniting concerns about safety in the country. At least two armed robberies have occurred in the less than a span of two months with the culprits evading authorities.

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