Gambia’s ex-First Lady’s top aide reinstated into army

Gambia’s ex-First Lady’s top aide reinstated into army

A former military aide to Gambia’s demoralized ex-First Lady Zineb Jammeh has been reinstated into the army, a military source confirmed on Friday.

Captain Bajerreh Manneh, the orderly to former First Lady Zeinab Jammeh has been allowed to re-enter the armed forces after a year of being kept away from the military.

“He is not implicated in any human rights abuse and his name has not been mentioned in the Commission of Inquiry yet. He may not have the all clear and it is yet to be determined if he collected any monies or help transfer such money for Zineb Jammeh,” said the source.

“But so far, he has not been implicated directly in any crime against the state” and he has been deployed to the infantry barracks in Yundum, a major military installation outside the country’s only airport.

Zineb Jammeh is described as the “gold digger” of The Gambia. She indiscriminately spent millions of dollars on travels and shopping spree at the expense of poor taxpayers. She often visited her native Morocco, France and the U.S., where they had a $3.5 million mansion outside Washington, D.C.

Yundum is the military camp where at least a dozen soldiers accused of committing human rights violations and crimes against the state for former dictator Yahya Jammeh are currently being held.

Two of Jammeh’s most powerful military generals that fled to Equatorial Guinea with the demoralized ex-ruler have returned to the country. They have been arrested and also being held at the Yundum barracks.

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