No longer sure how safe The Gambia is

No longer sure how safe The Gambia is

I’ve just listened to the Army CDS Masanneh Kinteh’s interview on the alleged arrest of top army generals (Umpa and Tamba) that Jammeh chose to go on exile with, who returned a year later, through the airport and drove to their homes before getting arrested hours later. Kinteh was talking so casually like this is nothing serious. He sounded so unbothered.

I’ve maintained that this Administration will succeed or fail contingent on how they handle justice and security. There are so many people hurting and aggrieved, and until this day, no practical efforts have been made to show that that is prioritized.

I’m made to understand The President Barrow PORG has chosen to accord the Victims and Victims’ Center audience only when he knew the German President was coming to the country and was sure to meet Victims Center that Barrow squeezed them in his slot.

With the porous borders, you’d think our ‘fragile’ and fluid security would be important enough for them to tighten and heighten intelligence. But if top generals of possible interest could have the audacity to pack their bags and say: “to heck with it, we’re going back to where we’re sure to be arrested”, they know the President and government, the security services especially, are spineless.

They knew they could walk thru the airport, the streets to their homes. There have to be people at the airport, who knew and recognized these people when they touched down. What use are the police and military intelligence units?

Next insulting story may be the wanted, charged alleged murderers of the Jungular team heading back, settling in the country. Then Yaya Jammeh coming to demand settling in Kanilai. The day ECOMIG leaves the Gambia under Barrow’s watch, that country will be a mess.

Barrow serving beyond three years may not be good for the country, especially if he chooses to entrust the nation’s security to the same people that had it for two decades.

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