Gambia’s president appoints ex-dictator’s henchman as advisor

Gambia’s president appoints ex-dictator’s henchman as advisor

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow has appointed a strong supporter of the country’s former strongman Yahya Jammeh as his advisor on youth development.

Barrow appointed Musa Susso, a former deputy governor and member of parliament under Jammeh as his advisor last week, in a series of missteps that have sparked outrage.

Youth leaders and even supporters of the one-year-old political novice have called on Barrow to rescind the decision, cautioning him to bring an end to the appointments of Jammeh’s henchmen.

Suso was also a youth mobilizer for Jammeh. Jammeh had exploited the West African nation’s youths. This with bad governance and high unemployment forced many to perilously trek to Europe, crossing the Mediterranean to reach Europe for better opportunities.

Like Jammeh, Suso is a former military officer. He resigned from the army and joined politics. He was convicted of drug trafficking while being a sitting member of parliament.

His appointment is seen as a political maneuver by Barrow to garner more support from Kombo North, the country’s largest voter consistency amid division between supporters over his tenure.

Gambia’s youth, who are now threatening to force Barrow to resign in three years, united against Jammeh in the 2016 election. They overwhelmingly voted for Barrow upsetting the polls in his favor.

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