Youth vow to yank Barrow out of power for “wrongful” advisor appointment

Youth vow to yank Barrow out of power for “wrongful” advisor appointment

President Barrow has irked youth leaders Monday after it appeared he appointed a supporter of ex-President Jammeh as his advisor.

Barrow is yet to officially name Musa Suso, a former National Assembly Member and military officer as his Youth Advisor. Suso was Jammeh’s youth mobilizer in Kombo North.

The Executive Director of the country’s youth council, Lamin Darboe said Mr. President Barrow needs to understand that all those flagging his actions cannot hate him.

“We have genuine concerns as actors and as critical stakeholders in the building this country we called home,” said Darboe.

“Appointing a youth advisor who neither understand the processes nor systems or mechanism of youth work not to talk about the policies, is fundamentally misplaced. He needs to reconsider his decision.”

Suso, who was convicted of drug trafficking charges while being a sitting member of parliament was also a former deputy governor. His appointment is seen as a scheme by the president to get political support in Kombo North.

You leaders said there are lots of competent, trained, skilled, and hard working young talents ever passionate to give their best to Barrow’s government.

Darboe said be has no doubt that the President can do better than this [his decision to appoint Musa Suso]. Many youth leaders and activists anxiously await President Barrow to reconsider his decision and expressed disappointment.

“Am really disappointed with President Barrow in this appointment. What value will Musa Suso add to the growth and Development of The Gambian Youth in the areas of Economic Livelihood, Education and Training, Sports and Recreation, Psycho social support and Empowerment,” said Lamin Saidykahn.

Saidykhan, a prominent youth leader called for an Occupy Wall Street style protest at the State House to bring reality to Barrow’s face.

“We are the real youth of the Gambia,” he said. “Anything for the youth without the youth is not for the youth.”

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