Is The Gambia a nation of wussies?

Is The Gambia a nation of wussies?

One has to wonder when did the Gambia become such a nation of wussies. It seems nowadays, the fearless gallantry with which we fought the previous regime, under conditions that challenged the moral stamina, and questioned our sanity, has evaporated to dissolve into a Trumpain hysteria and needless fearfulness.

Let’s face it; how can the two or three AFPRC brownshirts, who recently returned to the Gambia, in apparent surrender to the authorities, stir such derangement syndrome and apocalyptic hypersensitivity.

We may analyze this situation according to our individual perceptions of Gambia’s political reality, but these AFPRC brownshirts came back to the Gambia, with their tails tucked between their legs, totally beaten and totally capitulating to the Gambian people.

It takes some guts for any juggler to come to the conclusion that trading the discomfort of life lived as an asylee, is worth the danger of returning to the Gambia, to face the law.

What they did in returning home, knowing the record they left behind, is a leap of faith, not unlike the belief in the deities of our religions. This is not to say I don’t have an issue with the return of these guys, but my concern is not that they’ve returned home to surrender to the government, but the manner in which CDS Mr. Kinteh made a unilateral decision to set some of them free, as being harmless.

This crosses the boundary of his authority. The returnees should’ve been brought before a court of law and question as to why they abandoned their posts as protectors of the Constitution, national boundaries and territorial integrity of the nation.

In short, once they were arrested, the legal process should have taken over decisions as to their statuses; not CDS Kinteh. I very much doubt CDS Kinteh’s job description includes that of Military Court of Justice.

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