Supreme Islamic Council should leave the Ahmadis alone

Supreme Islamic Council should leave the Ahmadis alone

Religious rights and their protections are enshrined in Gambia’s Constitution, or at least they should be. One cardinal element of Gambian democracy is to allow anyone the right to practice any religion, or no religion at all.

There are many different types of religions, each having spawned different sects, and one thing they all share in the eyes of the government is that they are all equal in the eyes of the Constitution and the laws.

And for the Supreme Islamic Council to continue bothering the believers of the Ahmadiyya faith, for all these years, tantamounts to persecution, which is illegal.

The Ahmadiyya, as far as we know, are not pestering any religious sects, and deserve to be left alone. This nonsense has gone on for far too long. The Ahmadiyya are peaceful; not like the other violent strains of Islam like the one the Supreme Islamic Council belongs to.

Moreover, who has the right to determine which Islamic sect is false or the right one. After all, the Supreme Islamic Council members practice Gambian Islam, a blending which permits them to mix their Islamic faith with ancient African idol worships. The marabuism and wearing of jujus for protection, which is sorcery, is practiced by 99 percent of Gambian Muslims, but it is, in Saudi Arabia’s brand of Islam, punishable by chopping off heads.

To their credit, the Ahmadiyya have built hospitals, high schools, provided doctors and performed other missionary work to help Gambians; so how many doctors, hospitals and high schools have the Islamic Council built.

When Yahya Jammeh executed nine Mile Two prisoners in 2012, the Islamic Council’s head, Imam Momodou L. Touray, went on GRTS to religiously legitimize the illegal executions, giving it the cover of religious doctrine, with quotes from the Quran.

And throughout Yahya Jammeh’s reign of terror, the Islamic Council was by his side, supporting him, cheering him on, as the Islamic Council leaders were rewarded millions of dalasis of stolen Gambian wealth. But the Council members also held marathon prayer services for Yahya Jammeh to rule into perpetuity.

The Islamic Council doesn’t have a stellar track record; in fact, their record under Yahya Jammeh is borderline criminal. The Ahmadiyya have a right to be left alone, just as they’re not pestering any other religious sect.

The law says that everyone deserves not to be bothered, and we hope the judge or magistrate presiding over the Islamic Council frivolous lawsuit against the peaceful Ahmadiyya, will command the Islamic Council to mind their business and leave the Ahmadiyyas the hell alone.

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